Caroline Villard is an emerging artist who works across several media.

Her work questions prevailing ideals, often using symbols from history, the mass media and commerce to evoke, and undermine, a sense of recognition in the viewer.

She sees the stuff of everyday life, particularly aspects of the internet, as subjects for the landscapes, still lifes, portraits and sculptures of our time — serving the same function as the oceans, horses and battle scenes of the past.

They are presented and assembled to erase or subvert their original meanings, often using surgical precision, to reveal the dark and funny within them.

She seeks to present the idea that society is a human construction, filled with contradictions and surprises, and to present an alternate way of relating to it.

Caroline Villard currently lives and works in New York.


Selected group exhibitions

Cognitive Dissidence, Ray Smith Studio, Brooklyn NY 


Lounge corp., The Parisian, Miami

Artificial Frills, Cloying Parlor, Brooklyn, NY


Opening, Austere, Los Angeles

What I live by, Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY


Rain Man, Grevgatan 35, Stockholm


Boulangerie, Beckmans, Stockholm